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100° Playroom VR devs opted for improved rendering over increase in frame-rate for PS4 Pro version

Playroom VR will utilise the increased power of the PS4 Pro for the hardcore fans who choose to buy the upgraded console. The game’s Creative Director Nicolas Doucet confirmed this, amongst other things, with us at the Tokyo Game Show this year. With the added power of the PS4 Pro,

Sony’s PlayStation 4.5 4K Revealed As PlayStation 4 Pro

For months the gaming world has been anticipating the arrival of Sony’s 4K enabled console. Rumours, speculation and endless opinion pieces have preceded the arrival of the console that we’ve not actually seen anything about. All that changed this evening as Sony lifted the veil on its previously codenamed ‘Neo’,

Sony Could Shock Everyone at the 2016 PlayStation Meeting

We are only days away now from the 2016 PlayStation Meeting and gamers are ready to see what Sony has planned for this event. Thanks to some leaks we have a good idea of a couple things but what other sort of surprises might Sony have up their sleeve? Here

How a Tornado changed the mind of a Stock Trader…

An interesting article was on Yahoo this morning. With Twitter’s Periscope becoming increasing popular amongst its users, the article described how one trader has become bullish on the twitter stock when his town was struck by a Tornado. With the Tornado nowhere to be seen, the trader realised Twitter’s amazing

Brookhaven Experiment Confirmed For PSVR

Phosphor Games have announced that virtual reality shooter The Brookhaven Experiment will be crawling on to PlayStation VR at some point. The game’s features include “Situational Horror” and “Occassional Pants Wetting”, and has been out for Vive for a while and has had some great reviews, “Best game so far

The Future Shape of the PSVR Design & Technology

The PSVR Design is expected to change within a few years from the release date in October 2016. As did with mobile phones, these large chunky devices were as big as a traditional suitcase cradled with wires to the phone piece itself. The PSVR, in a similar way, is also

Sony Boss Says VR is the Future and will be as popular as todays’s Mobile Phones

Sony has predicted the future, and it looks like we will all be using virtual reality. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s head of game development, recently expressed his view that everyone will be using virtual reality in one form or another by the year 2020. Yoshida insisted the future applications of Sony’s

Try PlayStation VR at Westfield Australian Shopping Malls

For those eager to give the PSVR a shot before purchasing one, PlayStation in Australia and the Westfield malls have announced a set of dates that will allow you to give the virtual dimension a whirl. The free events kick off in mid-September and go all the way through the

Five Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Pre-order the PlayStation VR PSVR

When the Oculus Rift arrived in the TrustedReviews offices I could barely contain my excitement. Having enveloped myself in all the hype surrounding virtual reality, I couldn’t wait to see what was truly possible once you donned the headset. My first experience in VR was, I imagine, like many of

Pokemon Go Data Hints at Buddy System

Pokemon GO players have been proudly catching Pokemon for over two months now. However, many have not felt a direct connection to their digital pocket monsters past CP level and rarity. Based on newly-unearthed information from the latest version of the game, that may all begin to change. The Pokemon

Add us to Periscope! LIVE Play streaming of video games on release of PSVR

We are planning on live streaming PSVR games on October 13th 2016. You can watch our events by downloading Periscope and adding our streaming account to PSVR2016. Anyone wishing to share their videos on our site via periscope are also welcome to do so.

Where to buy PSVR Stock

Here are a list of sites where the PSVR can be brought in October 2016 for Pre-Orders! Amazon: PC World: Tesco: The HUT: Argo: PSVR Contents PlayStation VR contents unboxed When you buy the PlayStation VR headset you get all of this included: PlayStation VR


PSVR is a future product produced by Sony for the future of Virtual Reality. The Playstation VR (PSVR) will bring a bold new rising for Sony and give Real Gamers what Gaming is all about, revolutionising the industry simultaneously.