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One week with the PSVR – The Story So Far…

Its been another day with my exciting PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) device, and in just four days of gaming, totalling approximately 26 hours of hardcore gameplay with 10 different ‘experiences’ and games I thought I would revisit my initial findings and see if they are still the same. I am still overwhelmingly

Is PSVR Really a Sony Advantage Over the Xbox One?

This week is a big one for Sony and the folks over at PlayStation. Over the past couple of years, several companies have cast their lots and placed their bets on virtual reality as the future of gaming. 2016 finally saw those visions come into fruition with the PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Works On PC Afterall, Along With Other Consoles

Though it’s not exactly the kind of support you’d expect. While playing around with the PlayStation VR, reddit users have reported that keeping the USB plugged into the VR Unit and PS4 as it’s running and then plugging the HDMI into a PC or any other HDMI supported consoles would

PlayStation VR reviews: What do the critics think?

Today could see the start of virtual reality moving into the mainstream with the launch of the Sony PlayStation VR. At £349.99, it’s a much cheaper device than its PC-based rivals, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and with more than 43 million compatible PlayStation 4 consoles sold since 2013,

Can the PSVR ignite the VR Mainstream Market?

Sony is about to bring its latest weapon of warfare to the high-end VR fight, and this could be a major impact on the gaming market. The PlayStation VR looks super cool, and it has some great looking games. The impressive-but-sometimes-rickety PlayStation VR headset is due out this October 13

Like Entropy? You’ll Love Watching This PlayStation VR Teardown Video

In this video, we see Sony Interactive Entertainment mechanical design director Takamasa Araki disassemble the VR headset screw by screw, laying its innards bare. There’s not much detail about the system’s specs—the 5.7-inch OLED display, say, or the Sixaxis motion sensors embedded in the headset that help a Playstation Camera

How to Connect & Setup the PSVR Headset VR Mount

Sony’s PlayStation VR finally hits the retail market this week, so the tech company has just released a series of informative videos to show you what will come in the box, how to hook it up to your system, and how to play virtual reality games. The first video is

New Sony PlayStation VR launch line-up: Every game listed and best PSVR games revealed!

Usually, when a new gaming console or related product is launched there’s only a handful of titles you can initially play with. But not so for the New Sony PlayStation VR – it will be very well served during its launch line-up. Sony has even revealed that there will be

PlayStation VR has its limitations, but devs shouldn’t ignore Sony’s VR entry

Next week, the high-end virtual reality market will become more crowded by exactly one headset. Sony’s PlayStation VR arrives on October 13, and select press were able to use the hardware in everyday home settings, giving us a chance to compare it to more established players Oculus Rift and Valve

Is PSVR Going To Be A Flop?

As an early adopter of almost all gaming tech I can stretch my wallet too the announcement that PlayStation VR will arrive in the US and UK on October 13th has sparked me with a renewed sense of excitement for the technology. However the annoying thing is that WHERE ARE

2016 Could Fulfill the Prophecy of Being ‘the Year of VR’, But Only Due to These Last Months

The beginning of 2016 was full of so much hope and excitement for the year, and boy was there reason for it, if only to wait until October to reap the benefits of PC-based virtual reality (VR) and see the birth of real mainstream adoption thanks to two recently revealed

Can Sony Compete And Win The Virtual Reality War?

Despite the hype and talk that surrounded virtual reality before any of the headsets were released, it seems that virtual reality is not succeeding as much as we hoped it would. A lot of the reasons why there have been problem is because of a high cost to entry and


PSVR is a future product produced by Sony for the future of Virtual Reality. The Playstation VR (PSVR) will bring a bold new rising for Sony and give Real Gamers what Gaming is all about, revolutionising the industry simultaneously.